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4.0 out of 5 stars Devotional, March 17, 2014 by Anita F. Napier– Top Reviewer on Amazon.com. Amazon - This review is from: 30 Minute Meals with God: The Royal Candlelight (The Royal Candlelight Culinary Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback) It is a good devotional about establishing a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit using cooking as a visual aid.

Our company is family owned and is founded on our Christian belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
We take our faith seriously by upholding the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. We are dedicated to helping Christian authors publish and maintain control of their work at a reasonable cost.

Publishing That Is Distinctly Christian
Have you discovered that in today's book publishing world many publishers are targeting Christians authors for publication under their "Christian"; imprints, but they turn out to be contrary to the gospel in their other branches by accepting authors who write about and promote illicit sexual actions, pornography, the occult and even witchcraft, all of which attack Christian values and beliefs? Maybe you are a new or seasoned Christian author looking for professional services at discount prices with an authentic Christian publisher? Consider joining the family here at Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing, and become a part of this holy family of believers who share the same beliefs and are on a mission to share their testimonies of the goodness of God and inform their brothers and sisters in Christ so they will not perish for lack of knowledge.

Publishing That Is Cost-Effective and Author-Friendly
In today's publishing world, publication can come with an enormous cost to authors, who may only receive a small profit for all the months—and sometimes years—spent on their creative work. As a result of her own personal experiences as an author, Lynn Williams, the founder of Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing, knows how challenging it is to get professional quality and inexpensive services. She determined that there was a need for a more cost-effective way for a Christian author to get published. Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing offers a variety of service options that can be designed to suite your specific needs. As the author, you have control of the publishing process, and you will receive ongoing personal support from our publishing staff when you need it. You set the sales price and retain the rights to your book; we simply provide the services, support and expertise needed for you to obtain your objective and receive the royalties to prove it. If you are interested in pursuing your God-given vision for publication, contact us at info@royalcandlelightpublishing.com

• Vision Statement
Our desire is to help pick up the broken pieces in the lives of believers by pointing them back to the truth, which is the Word of God. We want to help fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples into authentic Christians through the godly, written inspiration found in books written through the gifts of God's children.
• Mission Statement
Our mission is taken from the Scripture found in Habakkuk 2:2-4, where the Word tells us to record the vision by documenting it, making it plain and simple for others to read, and then run with it. We believe that we have been created to help you realize the vision God has given you.
• Logo
Custom Designed for Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing Company - A Burning White Candle wearing a Purple Robe with a Golden Crown on top of it showing a Hallo of Light. The Three Circles represent the Trinity surrounding a saint robed in royalty and shining for the world to see.
• Motto
Royalty in the Making
When you are constantly studying to show yourself approved unto God and allowing your light to shine by becoming all that God has called you to be in Him.
• Manuscript Submission Guidelines
The unsolicited manuscripts we consider must be biblically based and will be reviewed for content and quality before acceptance for publication with our company. We will not accept any manuscript that contains explicit or obscene material, profanity, vulgar language, or inappropriate sexual scenes. We may also reject manuscripts on the basis of quality or theological incompatibility.
Submit your complete manuscript in Microsoft Word format; attached to an e-mail (we do not accept submissions by physical mail or in the body of an e-mail). Please include, with your manuscript submission, the title of your manuscript, author's name, physical and e-mail address, manuscript genre (e.g. poetry, fiction, biblical studies, discipleship, evangelism, Christian living, etc.), contact information (home, work, or cell phone) with your preferred time of contact; and a brief overview that summarizes your proposed book. Please let us know if your manuscript or an earlier version of it has been submitted by you or an agent to other publishers and/or editors.
After review, if your book is accepted for publication, you will receive a notice of acceptance and a publishing package that includes a list of services and quotes, along with an Author Service Agreement for your signature of acceptance. Our publishing services will begin once we receive your signed Author Service Agreement and the payment for the services you have chosen to utilize.
• Author Packages
Generic packages created for the website to cover all services offered by our company. Packages will be designed based on customer's specific needs; choosing only the publishing services you need – when you need them.
• How To Get Started
  • If you want to keep control of your book every step of the way
  • Retain all rights and gain higher profits on your book project
  • Choose only the publishing services you need – when you need them
  • Create the most professional book possible
  • Experience exceptional customer service and individual attention on your book project.
Then, email us royal.candlelight@hotmail.com
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