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4.0 out of 5 stars Devotional, March 17, 2014 by Anita F. Napier– Top Reviewer on Amazon.com. Amazon - This review is from: 30 Minute Meals with God: The Royal Candlelight (The Royal Candlelight Culinary Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback) It is a good devotional about establishing a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit using cooking as a visual aid.

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The Spinosaurus & Stegosaurus
Author: Jayden Parker Seaton
Jayden Parker Seaton is a 3rd grader at the Oaks Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Jayden has a huge love for learning and is facinated by dinosaurs and learning all about their habitat, survival techniques, and characteristics of the various types of dinosaurs.

Jayden says he would like to be a paleontologist when he grows up.
Jayden enjoys reading his Bible; oftentimes after bedtime.
He loves gaming and just about creating anything while playing Minecraft

Jayden like playing basketball, football and running track. He also enjoys modeling and doing print ads, and has been featured in IU Health's New Employee orientation material.

Jaden wrote this fable for his class project about his current favorite topic: dinosaurs.
This is written for dinosaur lovers. ENJOY!


Words That Make You Laugh
Author: Doc & Stella Abersold
Doc and Stella Abersold are co-authors of Words That Make You Laugh
Doc writes the articles and Stella types and orgnizes them.

This is Doc's 10th book. Previous ones are: a master's dissertation, 2 doctornal dissertations, "Planning For The New Century", "How To Add Thirty Years To Your Life", "A Book Of Poetry", a book of photos taken by Doc (ala Ansel Adams), "Words to Live By" and "Words to Think About".

They have been on 127 cruise; most of the as destination lecturers. They have also visited 84 countries.

Doc also writes a column for several newspapers each week.


Why Are You Waiting To Exhale
Author: Lynn Williams
In this spiritual, devotional cook book for Godly living, you will LEARN TO EXHALE GOD'S PRAISES AS YOU INHALE HIS BREATH OF LIFE.

Get ready to praise God for all His goodness while dining on this special dietary supplement of praises to the King as you sit at the King's banquet table.
These praises are being served as a gourmet cuisine to help you understand why and how it is important to praise the Lord. Feast on this SOUL food from this Devotional Cookbook for Godly Living from the Royal Cnadlelight spiritual culinary series.
These six short chapters of reasons why we should praise the Lord will leave you with a mouth full of praises to serenade the Lord as you meditate daily on giving God the praises due to Him and Him alone. For He is great and greatly to be praised by all creation.

These portions of spiritual soul food have been prepared by your spiritual gourmet chef so you can gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as to why God has blessed you to taste abd see that the Lord is good.

As you learn to properly breathe by inhaling life and exhaling praises, you will discover wy God has breathed into you all the praises required for you to live with praise and thanksgiving in your heart and mind. Get these praises into your system so you can achieve the spiritual growth need to boast in the Lord as you mature into a strong and healthy Christian

"Why Are You Waiting To Exhale?" is part of the spiritual culinary series entitled "Dinner Reservations For Two, Please!". You will discover awesome delicacies of information in your personal, spiritual dining experiences as Lynn Williams, your spiritual gourmet chef, guides you through these reasons why we should praise te Lord. They are served a la carte from the Great Recipe Book, the Bible; served by the Master Chef, Jesus Christ, Himself!


30-Minute Meals with God:
The Devotional Cookbook for Godly Living

Author: Lynn Williams
God makes His presence known to us, and we have an awesome opportunity to experience His presence every day while growing into a deep, intimate relationship with God. To help us do that, Lynn Williams has created a way for us to spend more time with God as you learn how to study the Bible in this very unique and enjoyable way.
The Royal Candlelight 30-Minute Meals with God will guide you into a higher form of the godly "rich and royal" life you were meant to live. The Master Chef, Jesus Christ said in John 4:32, "I have food to eat that you do not know about." Here's your opportunity to get into the devotional cookbook for godly living, so you can begin to live a meaningful and abundant life, full of joy, peace, and prosperity according to God's standard of living as you dine on the Master Chef, Jesus Christ awesome culinary delicacies found in His Great Recipe Book, the Bible.


Bible Booster Shots For The Believer
Author: Arnie Derksen
In order to maintain a healthy life in Christ, Arnie Derksen has captured the very essence of what it takes to apply the Word of God in daily reading. This book provides the reader with spiritual immunizations that are simple step by step instructions. The reader will discover these Bible Booster Shots will guide them through every area of life to become victorious, strong and prosperous; both in health and wealth.
To prevent further spiritual attacks, take a shot at reading this book. Keep your booster shots up to date by reading God's Word daily so you will be immune to the attacks of Satan; who comes to steal, kill and destroy. These Bible Booster Shots will guard your Spiritual Immune System as the Word of God is being applied to your life.
If you need a lift, take a Booster Shot!


Words To Think About
Author: Dr. G. W. (Bill) Abersold
My writing philosophy is rather mundane. My motivation is twofold: for personal therapy and to stimulate the readers to think. I want them to feel something, to do something and to think something. WORDS TO THINK ABOUT gives the reader 3 elements to think about. Words can give us the MELODY that presents a sense of purpose. Words are composed of the HARMONY that provides what we need for optimal living. And at last Words can provide beautiful music that gives RHYTHM to set the beat. I call it the “spice” that brings the melody and harmony to life. To make our lives meaningful, the rhythms of SKILLS, ACTIVITIES and HABITS we develop are what give “spice” to everyday living.


The Royal Candlelight and You
Author: Lynn Williams
Are you ready for a second helping of SOUL food from the Devotional Cookbook for Godly Living? Then FEAST your eyes on the second book of ths five-book spiritual culinary series.
These ten spiritual gourmet cuisines focus on the characteristics and attributes of the Royal Candlelight (Jesus Christ) so you can get more spiritual food into your system and achieve the growth needed to mature into a healthy Christian.
The Royal Candlelight and You will teach you various ways to study the Word of God. You will discover awesome delicacies of information in your personal spiritual dining experiences through this in-depth study guide of ten books of the Bible, each served as a four-course meal from the Great Recipe Book of the Master Chef, Jesus Christ, Himself!


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