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4.0 out of 5 stars Devotional, March 17, 2014 by Anita F. Napier– Top Reviewer on Amazon.com. Amazon - This review is from: 30 Minute Meals with God: The Royal Candlelight (The Royal Candlelight Culinary Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback) It is a good devotional about establishing a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit using cooking as a visual aid.

The Benefits of Publishing Your Manuscript with Us
We specialize in helping you publish your book in an easy and inexpensive way. We know that this will be an exciting and perhaps fearful time for you, so we will walk you through every step of this journey so that the end result is a book you will be proud to sell and share with the world.
The following information is designed to help you understand all the important elements that go into publishing a well-designed book, as well as providing information on all aspects necessary in successfully publishing your book.

• Publisher
As your publisher, we will have your best interest at heart. We want you to be successful in what we believe God has given you to do to assist in leading others back to Jesus Christ and the study of His Word. We are here to help you make your writings plain and simple for your readers to understand so they can run out and tell others about your work..
• Editing
In publishing a manuscript based on the principles of God's Word, it's important that your work be edited by a Christian who will have a greater understanding of what you are trying to relay to the Christian audience as well as to the reader who may become a Christian based on what he or she reads from your book. It's very important that the reader receives the truth and nothing but the truth based on the Word of God. Here at Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing we have an editor who can relate to you because she is a Christian who studies the Word of God and can help you with expressing your heart from a Christian perspective.
• Professional Interior Layout
The layout is one of the most important elements of a successful book. Your potential reader will likely take a glance through your book and if it seems difficult to read or too hard to concentrate on the ideas presented, she or he will likely move on to another book. There are certain industry standards that make for attractive books. So we recommend that you have our professional layout artists to set up your book. They will format your book to print specifications. and assist you in the completion of the book layout.
• Cover Design
The cover of your book will be the first thing to attract someone to your book, so the cover design is your invitation to the reader. Unconsciously people will see your cover design before they even see the title of your book. As an author you may have an idea of something for your cover, but you need a professional graphic designer or illustrator to convert the idea into a cover design and that's where we come in. When creating the idea for your book; start thinking about the back cover and the spine. The back cover can consist of a synopsis of the book because most people will turn a book over expecting to find a description of the book. You can put your bio on the back if it is particularly relevant to the book; or you can place a few short testimonials from people who read your book. The spine usually consists of the title, the author and possibly a logo or design from the front cover.
• ISBN Number
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is like having a social security number for your book. All bookstores require that books or book like products have an assigned ISBN number for identification purposes. One ISBN is assigned per title and is used for all the books printed under that title. If you decide to create your book in another format, the additional format(s) will require a separate ISBN to identify it.
• Digital Barcode
Barcodes are also known as EAN barcodes. They are simply digital representations of the ISBN number so that stores can scan your book and read your ISBN number with their scanners. If you have chosen to list a price on your barcode, the scanner will also read your price. We will put your barcode on the back of your book cover and it can also be inserted graphically as part of the cover design.
LCCN stands for Library of Congress Cataloging Number. As a service to our customers who we have assigned ISBN number, we can apply for a PCN (pre-assigned control number)as long as your book is not yet printed. After your book is printed, we send the book to the Library of Congress and that number automatically turns into an LCCN.
• Copyrighting
When you copyright your book, it will officially protect it and give you official proof that you own the rights to your book. However, copyrighting should not be confused with an ISBN number because they are two separate entities. ISBN assignments do not protect the rights to your book. Copyrighting your book is a very simple process and we can copyright your work for you if you have not done so on your own before you submitted your manuscript to us.
• Printing
Your book will be digital printed. Digital printing is sharp and crisp. It is also the most economical way to print smaller quantities of books. When placing your first order, we require that you order a minimum of fifty books. You will discover that they go fast and you'll need to reorder right away if you were to order less. If you already have pre-orders placed or media attention, we suggest you order in larger quantities depending on your needs.
• Webpage
As one of our authors you will receive your very own webpage on our company website. Your webpage will show your picture and your bio; along with all the books you have written and published with us. The potential buyer of your book(s) will have the opportunity to click on that book and purchase it through our shopping cart system.
• Selling Your Book On-Line
There are a great many opportunities when selling your book online. Many authors like yourself are seeking other alternatives to sell their books online and we can help you by allowing you as one of our authors to sell your books on our website using the shopping cart system. There is nothing in the book industry like it. Your book will also be listed on Amazon and more!
• Author Rights
It's important to maintain control and the rights to your book. Our company is designed to help you by providing the services and support to assist you with the expertise needed to complete your book project.
• Marketing Materials
If you have the perseverance and a lot of enthusiasm, it will be very easy to market your book. You will always be the best seller of your book because you know the gifts that God has given you to offer to your readers. We can provide the marketing materials to go along with your marketing strategies that will help in making your books successful.
• Royalty
After spending months – perhaps years writing your book; it's very important that you reap the benefits from the sale of your book. We are here to help you gain the profits that you deserve from all of your hard work; laboring over the many hours you put in and now you should have the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Since it's not about us…it's all about you, we want you to have the financially benefit you are looking for and come back to us looking for more.
• Coached Writing
No matter how experienced you are, we can all use a writing coach to help us focus and become better at what we want to write. Our editor has the skills and expertise to have you get to the next level of writing. She has the patience, if you have the willingness to allow her to teach you how to improve on your writing skills. She is also available for Ghostwriting if you are in need of this service as well.
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